About UEPO

Europe Police United Organization

About Us

Our vision and mission is to help connect people

UEPO’s headquarters are located in Luxembourg. Our organization was created to represent European law enforcement and police leaders. Additionally, we are also open to accepting professionals from fields other than criminal and judicial systems. The UEPO Board of Directors is an integrated unit comprised of representatives from different European regions with the task of unifying international coordination, planning, programs and activities across the European continent.


More than 50.000 satisfied members in the European Union speak for our organization. Our influence and membership is growing and UEPO is gaining international reputation and recognition. Through our devotion and constant improvement, we are able to provide complete support for all of our members and overcome the challenges of the ever-changing modern world.

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We from UEPO consider ourselves to be more than a regular organization. Our mission is to support, communicate Worldwide and give extensive connections with all of our members.

Andrel Nahaev

Andrel Nahaev

Operation Director

“Meeting other official members and being able to exchange experiences and support each other is priceless and it provides additional motivation for me as a leader in the field. ”

Mitch Skolnik

Operation Director

Eduard Ungureanu

Official member

Tom Ewer

Official member

Roy Hirst

Live Groups Leader

“Fraternity and equality – these are the values we want to be known for and that define us.”

Andrel Nahaev

operation Director